As far as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by music. My parents are true music lovers, and therefore, at an early age, I was exposed to a huge selection of different music styles: World music, rock, chanson française, folk, and many more. Pretty soon I realized I had a keen interest in the arts, but in 2001, intrigued by science, I undertook a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences at University of Montreal, which I completed in 2004. The unbelievable and fascinating workings of the human body have always captivated me. In parallel with these studies, I joined various vocal ensembles to satisfy my passion for singing. I also took private singing lessons with many teachers, which helped me understand how the voice produces sound and the impact of posture on breathing. I deeply and fundamentally believe that anyone can sing, and furthermore, should sing! The benefits of singing are numerous. For example, it can even be helpful for people suffering from anxiety. We can easily notice that a simple deep breathing technique can, during stressful times, significantly improve a person’s emotional adaptability. Singing can help reduce stress, it is a fantastic tool for exploring your creativity and therefore, even learn about yourself! Driven by my will to explore singing and its techniques, I decided to mix my scientific knowledge about the human body, acquired during my studies, with my vocal experience and to undertake some solid music training. In 2012, I completed my Major in popular singing at UQÀM. In order to complete my training, I also took part in different workshops, notably the Estill International voice method. My approach is therefore in keeping with the confluence of multiple methods: classic teaching, which covers posture, breathing and vocalization exercises, but also complementary techniques such as NPL, EFT and visualization techniques, that help overcome negative beliefs that we may have about our own voice. In 2012, I took part in a pilgrimage on Camino de Compostela, Spain. I brought a guitar on the trip, and as days went by, I observed how much music can bring people together, even complete strangers. It was fascinating to see people open up to each other and share, thanks to the music. It was actually during this trip, more precisely in Galicia, that the name “La fille du vent” popped into my mind. Throughout this journey, I felt pushed by contrary winds, taming loneliness and learning from my inner voice, while expressing myself aloud and strongly through music and singing, allowing me to meet new people, share smiles, laughther and moments of pure joy.